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Why choose a subscription box?

Subscription boxes have been around for a while, and while we might be biased, we believe they are here to stay!

For the uninitiated, allow me to explain: A subscription box is a recurring selection of themed items chosen to allow subscribers new experiences or sample new products within their chosen interest. Subscription box offerings can be as varied as wine, video games, or dog treats. They can teach you a new skill or allow you to try out something you never knew existed.

What makes these boxes so appealing to subscribers is that they are specially curated by fellow enthusiasts of each particular niche. A skincare subscription box, for example, would only allow for its subscribers to sample products that are highly recommended or that its creators themselves can personally vouch for. Their products are reliably top notch because their reputation relies on it. Think of them as expertly researched products by the fans and for the fans of a certain hobby.

With thousands of subscription boxes available today, one can rest assured that his or her interests will be covered. But why subscribe? The main reason, in our opinion, is to treat yourself. Who doesn’t love a surprise box filled with curated products that interest them? The kind of joy that brings can only be good for the soul. We all need hobbies apart from work and family life, and it’s for the sake of our own wellness that these hobbies and interests be nurtured and celebrated.

Sometimes, the theme of a subscription box is even wellness itself. Whether it’s yoga or healthy foods, subscription boxes can often help us adjust to a more healthy lifestyle. With a focus on mental wellness and relaxation, the Craft and Tea box invites you to soothe your mind with a relaxing combination of loose leaf tea and a simple craft. Allow yourself or a friend to spend some time de-stressing and taking a break.

The therapeutic benefits of both tea and art are well documented throughout history. With a subscription box allowing you to expand your experience with both, we believe that you will be able to truly find your inner peace. Discover exactly the right blend of tea for your tastes and find the craft that you enjoy the most by receiving a new combination each month. Sit back, relax, channel your creativity, and let your endorphins flow. This is what a subscription box is all about. It’s about doing something for yourself; prioritizing you. It’s a form of self-care and you deserve it.

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