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We made Macrame Feathers!

July 2021 was the month The Craft and Tea Box was born!

Our first subscription box craft was MACRAME!

I am was excited about this, I've wanted to do macrame as a subscription box for ages, and just couldn't find the right kit. This kit had all the instructions and supplies to make 3 macrame feathers hanging on a piece of driftwood (very chic!) and will give you the tools and skills to get you hooked on macrame for years to come!

The tea in this box was from Genuine Tea and we chose a mild Vanilla Almond Rooibos tea as we thought the calming tones of this tea paired nicely with this month's craft.

If you think that this sounds like fun then head over to the website and subscribe!

It's under $60 per month (plus postage) and you can cancel anytime, skip a month or even swap your craft if you want. You have until the last day of the month to sign up and receive a box the following month.

Click here and subscribe to join in with some CRAFTEA fun next month!

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