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Mandala Dot are for August 2021

It's time to reveal what August's craft was...and it was Mandala Dot Art.

Our mandala dot art kit will come with a mini canvas, 4 dotting tools, acrylic paints and full video instructions on how to create your own mini masterpiece. You can choose to follow the instructions properly or kind of go rogue! There are so many options 😁

August's tea was by a local Whistler brand called Ranger Tea Crafters. We chose this punchy Hibiscus Love blend as it makes a delicious iced tea, perfect for this summer heat!

If you think that this sounds like fun then head over to the website and subscribe! It's less than $60 per month (plus postage) and you can cancel anytime, skip a month or even swap your craft if you want.

Click here and subscribe to join in with the CRAFTEA fun next month!

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