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How To Relax And Unwind

"I haven’t got time to relax" – really? Have you got time not too?

Being able to relax is important to achieving optimal performance and health. You name it; being relaxed will increase your productivity in it. If you're not relaxed, everything you do will be a struggle. Relaxation provides mind-body integration necessary for peak performance.

It is important to relax to get your mind clear and your body tension free; to regain focus and to cool down and to help return to a balanced physical state.

Relaxation is vital for a healthy mind and is required to maintain motivation and interest in our lives and careers. Not being able to relax and unwind can be damaging to your health. Even when there are huge demands on your life, you may have a large family, an important career, and a home amongst your other weekly commitments - it is still necessary to nd your own time and space to relax. It is very important that throughout the day we find time to relax. Twenty minutes, two or three times a day, is preferred. If you can’t manage twenty minutes, it’s important to realise that whatever amount of time you do manage to get to relax will be benecial to your mind and body, even if not noticeably so. When time is short there are a number of things you can do: reading, writing, crafting or just sitting quietly. Quite often whatever you do to relax will be personal and work for you, so you need to find what works best. It improves your ability to concentrate. It will help you in your ability to tune out distractions and give you better sensory awareness. It improves body awareness; you need to know when you are under or over doing it. It speeds up healing time following an injury and fatigue, the body needs to recover fully if it’s going to perform at an optimal level in the near future. Learning is enhanced, it is much easier to introduce new thoughts and ideas when your mind is clear and you are relaxed. Skills are best learned when you are in a relaxed state and there is an absence of tension.

When you do not make time for yourself, you may suffer the side effects such as:

Tension headaches, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure and heart disease.

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