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The perfect handmade gift!

April's craft is here!

This month we've been soap-making. More specifically Honey, Milk and Oatmeal goats milk soap making. Giving a handmade soap as a gift for a birthday/Christmas or even just a thank you gift is easier to make than you might think!

Especially when you use melt and pour soap bases. You simply melt and pour! It's as easy as it sounds!

Using your 4 re-useable silicone soap molds that came in the April Craft & Tea Box, and combining the goats milk soap base with the honey, oatmeal and fragrance mix to create 4 wonderful smelling soap bars, perfect to give as a gift to a loved one or use in your own home!

This box was sent out to subscribers in April 2022

About the craft:

Soap Making is a very relaxing process, it doesn't require a whole lot of concentration so it's great paired with your favourite podcast or tv show to truly switch off from the outside world and get in touch with your creative side.

About the tea:

Sip on a cup of organic loose leaf tea by Cascade Botanicals.

This month we featured a large bag of Mango & Ginger green tea.

Green tea has many well-known health benefits such as having relaxing properties, can help increase your metabolism and can also balance out your cholesterol.

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