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Let's look inside the March

Craft and Tea Box

Springtime is a perfect time to renew and reassess - whether it's our goals, hobbies, or even taking a little bit of time for ourselves. Taking care of yourself can often be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of life, but it's never too late to start! 

March is our first box we are now including a BRAND NEW ITEM! 

We are now featuring a self-care item every month to compliment your craft project and loose leaf tea!


The Craft...

In March, you'll be learning to Weave this beautiful rainbow.

Weaving is a traditional and enjoyable craft that has been practiced throughout many cultures for centuries. Weaving can be relaxing and therapeutic - it can distract from stressors of everyday life and give our minds a much deserved break!

The Self Care Item...

Give your room a burst of freshness with just a couple sprays of this "Home Sweet Home" Room + Linen mist! 

When you just need a quick burst of scent, these highly scented odor eliminating room sprays are the perfect item.  Perfect for cars, closets, laundry rooms, dorm rooms, bath rooms or anywhere else that you want to freshen the air. 

These 4 ounce bottles are natural and safe for the home and environment. 


We are not going to give it all away!
We are going to leave the tea as a surprise!

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